The Vault, Summer Workshop at the Huntington Theatre Company

The Vault
by Nina Louise Morrison
Directed by Portia Krieger
Saturday, July 20, 2019
South End / Calderwood Pavilion at the BCA

On the run from a polar bear, lost tourist Pamela finds shelter inside a strange cave in the ice, and quickly discovers she isn’t alone. Engaging in a tense back and forth with a mysterious Norwegian woman, Pamela reveals she might know more about the cave than she initially let on—and she isn’t leaving without a fight. Inspired by the arctic Global Seed Vault, Nina Louise Morrison’s claustrophobic eco-thriller explores just how far one would go to save humanity when the climate apocalypse comes.


Google Doll, a workshop production with Fresh Ink Theatre

photos from the July 2016 rehearsal process with actors Alexis Scheer, Dale Young, Scot Colford,  Caitlin Gjerdrum, Sarah Gazdowicz, Sarah Bedard, Becca Lewis and choreographer Alex Johnson, director Steve Bogart, dramaturg Jessie Baxter, and SM Vivian Yee

Google Doll rehearsal Google Doll rehearsal 2 Google Doll rehearsal 3 Google Doll rehearsal 4

Shiver: A Fairytale of Anxious Proportions¹, created with Project: Project

“explosive,” “bizarre and funny,” “visceral” and “beautiful”  – Edge Boston 

WILHELM: If you fall in love with can’t, can’t can’t love you back.


Mad Props Staged Reading